About Remedy Of Choice
Stephen Carter
Hi, I'm Stephen Carter.

Years ago I used to do research as a physical scientist. But today I spend much of my time writing about aspects of the health sciences.

When COVID-19 hit the news in the early months of 2020 I knew I would be involved in learning everything I possibly could about it.

That's because I am familiar with the cycle of becoming obsessively interested in the developing story of a pandemic and then wanting to share with others the obscure but fascinating details of what I have learned. In 2009 I followed with great interest the H1N1 influenza outbreak and wrote about its relationship with the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 which I had studied years earlier.

Back then my passion for the subject was driven largely by scientific curiosity. But this time it is different.

Today I am a parent and I look at threats which develop on a global scale rather differently. This time I knew the stakes for me personally were higher and I resolved to learn everything I could to lower the impact COVID-19 might have on my life. As it turns out, and this has become clearer with every month that passes, the stakes are higher for everyone on the planet.

Once I had completed a large part of my research I wrote up a detailed account of the commonly agreed upon science of coronavirus. I wrote my account in a way that the average person without scientific training ought to be able to find easy to understand.

I also wrote an account of what each of us can do to improve the efficiency of our immune system which is responsible for neutralizing the hazards visited upon us by the microbial world. In particular, I have looked at what we can each do to protect ourselves against respiratory infections.

You can find a more thorough description of these works on the home page of the site.

Stephen Carter, Ph.D.