Unless you are young, lean, and unusually healthy your immune system may be growing dangerously unstable - and rather than save your life when called upon... it may do the opposite

From the desk of Stephen Carter, Ph.D.
If you were to suddenly lose your immune system your odds of surviving more than a few weeks would all but vanish.

For some, their passing would take place sooner than that.

Your immune system is essentially a sophisticated anomaly detector. One that on detecting these anomalies will then attempt to filter them out. For example, any cells within you that have gone bad.

Your immune system also senses and flushes out the majority of potentially deadly invaders so that you never have to deal with them.

And if some of these rogue cells or unwelcomed intruders do get a foothold within you, then your immune system will go to war on your behalf to prevent your vital tissues and organs from being compromised.

As proof that its powers of protection are not only formidable, but are instrumental in keeping you alive far longer than you might have suspected, consider these sobering facts about the tiny evasive and currently harmless tumors growing inside you right this moment, as recounted by Dr. William Li, a doctor and anti-disease specialist famous for his insights into how to use food to trigger the body's self defense mechanisms [Li-2010]:
  • About 40 percent of women aged between 40 and 50 years of age have microscopic tumors in their breast.
  • About 50 percent of men aged between 50 and 60 years of age have microscopic tumors in their prostate.
  • Almost 100 percent of us, by the time we reach 70 years of age will have undetectable tumors growing in our thyroid.
What do all these quietly simmering, but physically constrained tumorous growths have in common?

tip of ballpoint pen
The tip of a ballpoint pen. [Image: Center for Advanced Microscopy]
They all start out as a single dysfunctional cell which rapidly and continuously reproduces until it has spawned a cluster of cells, a microscopic tumor, no larger than half a millimeter in size.

That's less than the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen.

But two things happen to stop this kind of tumor growth from spiraling out of control inside your body, and because of this disease is completely avoided.

One involves the absence of both a suitable supply of blood and oxygen to feed those abnormal cells and a means to drain away the waste products of their metabolism.

Blood vessels are a limited resource in the human body. So until that microscopic tumor can convince (with chemical signaling) a blood vessel to grow its way it will not grow any larger. It will remain clinically undetectable and harmless.

But if it does find a vessel and re-initiates its exponential growth it may grow in size by as much as a factor of 19,000 in just two weeks [Brem-1976].

In effect these microscopic tumors lay dormant inside you like a ticking time bomb which may take years, even decades to go off (the time required to encourage a blood vessel to grow toward the docile tumor).

The following image shows typical tumor growth rates in the human breast [Wertheimer-1986].
breast tumor growth rate
Yet even before any of this worrisome biology takes place within you, the second tumor-limiting mechanism is working around to clock to prevent those "ballpoint" sources of cellular mayhem from even getting started.

The cells of your immune system are constantly patrolling your blood and tissues for solitary misbehaving cells which they will target for destruction.

And if some of these troublesome cells slip by and begin their quest to grow to clinically detectable size? Then your immune system will do its best to keep them in check.

Provided, of course, that its potency as a blocker of endlessly-dividing and potentially malignant cell tissue does not fade with age or the failure of the host (that's you!) to properly maintain it.

And when it does...

Runaway cell division may not even pose the most pressing threat from a faltering immune system...

Not only can your immune system fail to recognize these corrupted cells and allow their proliferation to go unchecked (tumor cells are good at figuring out how to do this) your immune cells can make the opposite mistake.

They can be fooled into thinking your healthy cells are a threat to your well being and respond by attacking them. This is the basis of autoimmune conditions.

Or your immune system can get overly excited about minimally-threatening foreign invaders, like pollen and other irritants of the respiratory system. This can result in allergies, or asthma, and an inflammatory response which can escalate to life-threatening levels.

The first of these immune system dysfunctions, the autoimmune route, can kill you, albeit very slowly, by gradually stripping away the functionality of the tissues and organs required to keep you alive.

The second immune system irregularity, hyperresponsiveness to a perceived (but misdiagnosed) assault, can kill you in a matter of minutes. Anyone with a peanut allergy and a fear of anaphylactic shock is acutely familiar with the dangers posed by an overly aggressive immune response.

So while the prospect of worrisome tumors, which you might associate with old age, may be faintly unnerving if you have yet to have your doctor approach you with unwelcomed news about it, if your immune system should begin to falter at any age you would have cause to feel alarmed.

Then there is the external threat. The pathogenic microbe.
viral particles
This one can strike at any time. Moreover, it is optimized to evade your immune defenses because it has practiced on countless other hosts before it ever finds its way into you.

Its only purpose?

To reproduce in massive numbers so you can pass it on to someone else. If it can do this without causing you massive internal injury it will do just that, because incapacitated hosts are much less efficient at infecting others. But if your invading microbe has yet to fully figure out human biology and must wreak havoc on you to find its way to a new host... well, that's OK too.

At least from the point of view of the microbe. Which is why you really want your immune system to be prepared when you run into that unfamiliar threat for the first time.

In other words:

The Quality Of Your IMMUNE SYSTEM Determines Your Fate Daily. It DEFENDS You Against Hostile Microbes

You may remember the tragic story of the Boy In The Bubble.

Born in 1971 with a severely compromised immune system, David Vetter survived until the age of 12 protected from the microbial dangers of the outside world by devices such as a large sheeted plastic isolation chamber.

The Vetter story as a seventies television movie starring John Travolta. He lived his life, said the ad, "in a plastic prison."
To a cerain extent, whenever a virus arises which has never before circulated among us and has never before challenged the human immune system, we all become the boy in the bubble.

If we think of our immune system as a protective shield, every novel virus, and certainly one capable of fueling a pandemic, is distinguished by its ability to initially evade that defense.

Our normally tough-as-nails and taken for granted immune system can be caught completely off guard when the virus launches its sneak attack.

This is especially the case for those of us whose immune systems have already begun to take hits due to aging.

Why our bodies fail to adequately maintain the biological weaponry that so effectively cleared foreign invaders in our youth is still a bit of a mystery. But as surely as our skin will wrinkle and our hair will turn gray, our immune system is destined to fade. You may be unnerved to learn that by the time you reach 80 years of age your microbial defense capabilities will likely be comparable to those of a toddler!

This is like doing away with the computer-automated anti-missile gattling guns found on an aircraft carrier and replacing them with BB guns!

Your immune system, operating at peak capacity, is like this precision-guided close in weapons system. To invading microbes it is a formidable adversary.
There is no contest. The missiles will find their target!

When your immune system is compromised you are at the mercy of good fortune and good hygiene.

Now, it may be that you are naturally fearful of coming into contact with germs, and you already take extreme precautions to avoid them:

>> Washing your hands with soap like crazy on returning home...

>> Wiping down your faucets and your door knobs...

>> Chloroxing the heck out of your keys, your credit card, your spectacles, phone and whatever else you might have touched when you ventured out into the contaminated landscape...

But you only need to miss one item, one time, for it to have all been in vain. One careless misstep, one stray finger venturing into your eye or nose is enough to seed some unwelcomed infection.

In other words, it is only a matter of time, and then...

Either You Will Eventually Become Careless, Or Someone Else Through Sheer Ignorance Will Pierce That Protective Bubble For You

It may be through no fault of your own that you become exposed to any number of emerging viruses or other infectious agents capable of hijacking your cellular machinery for their own ill-gotten gains. There is always a limit to just how much caution you can take, and just how much ingenuity you can apply to trying to outrun a foe you cannot see!

This is why we will often look to the possibility of a vaccine to limit the damage wrought by a highly contagious pathogen.

Historically, vaccines have an extremely good safety record. Yet polling indicates 1 out of 4 Americans are suspicious of government efforts to produce reliable vaccines, even during times of pandemic infection.
Vaccines can work amazingly well.

They can stimulate an immune response in our bodies which can last for years.

The measles vaccine confers protection for life against the measles virus and indicates one end of the spectrum of stimulated immunity. At the other end of the spectrum the influenza vaccine protects against seasonal strains of influenza for periods generally less than 5 months.

But whether the expected protection is long lasting or short, if your immune system is not up to the job it may not happen at all, or the response may be so feeble as to be entirely useless as a means of protection.

An immune system hobbled by age, or by frailty, or by chronic inflammation (either overt or hidden) is a serious risk to one's longevity.

A strong immune system is a predictor of long life. In that sense it is likely more valuable to you than almost anything else you hold precious in your life.

This is something I have known for a very long time.

I think many of us are aware of this. And yet I know that in my case I grew complacent over the years and allowed my attention to drift elsewhere.

In The Meantime, While I Believed All Was Fine, The Threat Of The Microbial World Was Ramping Up...

This is one of the major failings of human beings. We repeatedly refuse to acknowledge the warning signs. Unless we can identify a "clear and present" danger we will let our guard down.

From an advertisement for penicillin made by Schenley Laboratories (1944). Development of the drug as an antibiotic languished until World War II when it became a lifeline for American troops in the battlefield.
Take the threat of rapidly evolving antibiotic resistance.

After the discovery of penicillin in 1928 we successfully devised all manner of pharmaceutical interventions to fight off bacterial infections.

Then we over-prescribed these medications until now nearly every harmful bacterium has become resistant to them and our protective "bug shield" of life-saving antimicrobials is disappearing.

As a result, by the year 2050 more people are likely to die from infection than from inoperable tumors [O'Neill-2014].

Yet nothing will be done about this until people are dying in numbers so large that the problem becomes impossible to ignore.

Of course, some of us will be affected more than others will...

Those who are young, who are lean, who are blessed with usually good health - this group benefits from a degree of immunological protection that tends not to be present in those for whom these attributes have fallen away over time.

Loss of immune response tends to be particularly pronounced in:
  • The middle aged and (especially) the elderly.
  • Those who find themselves saddled with excess body weight.
  • Anyone suffering with one or more chronic illnesses.
Each of these groups tends on average to suffer from higher levels of chronic inflammation, and as a result their immune response may be weaker, making them far more vulnerable to infectious agents.

For these people, receiving a vaccine to lessen the threat of an infectious agent might not offer as much in the way of stimulated immunity as it would for those with lower vulnerability (and a stronger immune system).

If you are in this group of people, improving your immune system could improve the degree to which any given vaccine is likely to protect you once you have received it.

Yet, regardless of how strong you SUSPECT your immune system to be today...

Your Immune System Is ALWAYS At A Disadvantage When It Is Forced To Go Up Against A NOVEL PATHOGEN!

This is why I decided to do the research and figure out what I should be doing to improve my chances of staying one step ahead of those viral threats most likely to impact me today and in the years going forward.

I especially wanted to understand how to better protect myself from the damaging influences of respiratory infections which are responsible for disrupting and often claiming the lives of millions of people across the globe every year.

Educating yourself this way is important from a seasonal point of view, when the latest strains of respiratory system-targeting viruses re-emerge like clockwork.

But being saavy this way also pays off in the longer term. When you understand how to prime your immune system (and you make the effort to actually do it) you will be much better prepared to handle the challenges associated with any new pandemic threat which may suddenly arise.

Remember, without the awesome microbe-killing capabilities of your immune system to help protect you, you would quickly become as defenseless as the boy in the bubble.

If this was to happen to you, then even the best vaccine the world had to offer you would be useless, and no amount of money could keep you alive any longer than your first encounter with a hostile swarming microscopic invader.

So what ARE the actions you can take to help support a healthy immune system?

This is the question I set out to answer, suspecting from the beginning that a good number of people besides myself would be just as interested in finding out the answer for themselves if they could spare the time for it.

Now that I have assembled into one easy-to-read guide the most salient points of my research I am hoping to share this knowledge with others, confident as I am that this is some of the most valuable information I have ever taken the time to piece together.

Because of this I have just one question for you today to which I am hoping the answer is a resounding yes.

Would You Like To Know How To Support The Incredible MICROBE-ZAPPING ARMORY That Is Your Immune System?

Allow me to introduce...
You were born with one of the most amazing defense mechanisms ever to have evolved in living creatures. The human immune system is so versatile that it has allowed our species to colonize practically every square inch of the planet.

But for many of us that gift has been squandered. We are scarcely able to summon it when we most need its power to defend us.

This is partly the result of over-reliance on mass-produced foods and sedentary living. In other words we do not eat well and we have become lazy. Our modern lifestyle is simply no longer compatible with unfettered good health and disease-free old age.

In fact by middle age our bodies may already be inflammed and riddled with chronic disease. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention six in every ten American adults suffers from one of these diseases [CDC-2020].

But it's worse than that. Four in ten suffer from at least two chronic diseases.

Not only does this kind of poor health make your life miserable, it can shorten it. No one harbors ill-health without it damaging their immune system.

The inflammation that causes you pain in your joints, chest, or stomach is just one symptom of a compromised immune system.

Hidden inflammation may be even more dangerous.

That's because in addition to interfering with the immune system's job of hunting down once-friendly body cells that have now gone bad, and defending against foreign pathogens, inflammation can jump start additional health issues. It can:
  • Thicken deposits of blood vessel-narrowing plaque on the walls of your arteries so they begin to resemble clogged tubes of toothpaste...
  • Curtail the early detection and elimination of tumor-inciting cells by the white blood cells of your immune system so that you get the bad news years earlier than you might have, if you were to get it at all...
  • Lead to blood sugar dysregulation, insulin resistance, and all the unpleasant complications that go along with this, including uncontrolled thirst, kidney damage, and even limb amputation...
    [Tsalamandris-2019, Amin-2019]
  • Accelerate cognitive decline by damaging the delicate blood vessels of your brain so that you end up losing your marbles, if not your life...
  • Hamper the ability of your immune system to produce a suitable immune response to disease-quenching, possibly even life-saving vaccines...
    [Fourati-2016, Cossio-Gil-2014]
To assist your immune system you need to get out of its way by adopting healthy habits which promote the rapid formation of an assortment of white blood cell types and their dispatch when and where they are needed in your body.

In Immune System Reboot we'll take a look at the scientific research which supports the adoption of particular habits which stimulate better immune response in the body.

In particular we will focus on those habits that improve respiratory immune response.

Here are some of the questions, topics, and curiosities you will find covered in detail in your copy of Immune System Reboot:
  • The nature of the FIVE critical elements to superior immune response and why, at this very moment, you're likely deficient in all of them.
  • The surprising location of by far the greatest reservoir of uncataloged viruses on the planet, and how you'll need to get your feet wet to have any chance of seeing them close up.
  • Why following the anemic "recommended daily dose" for certain micronutrients may severely hamper rather than enhance your immune response to harmful pathogens.
  • How insight into the use of sunlight to treat lung disease in the 1920s may be the key to blunting the killing power of modern day respiratory-disease pandemics.
  • How to know whether you have enough "sunshine vitamin" flowing in your veins for your white blood cells to carry out successful seek and destroy missions against microbial invaders.
  • Why your ability to generate the sunshine vitamin vanishes with age - and what to do to restore its protective effects, even if you never see another ray of sunshine in your life.
  • A simplified explanation of the bio-warfare taking place in your lungs when a hostile respiratory pathogen invades, and the story of the sunshine vitamin-assisted "rum ball" defender without which your immune system would quickly lose its fight.
  • The strange relationship between your distance from the equator and increased susceptibility to infectious disease. PLUS the ingenious trick used by one Arctic-hugging nation to keep its citizens from falling sick...
  • Evidence of a Catch-22 respiratory infection scenario which pits the two arms of your immune system against each other, and why the outcome of the battle could hobble your response to vaccination.
  • The amount of sunshine vitamin in your blood below which the risk of death due to respiratory disease DOUBLES if you are 50+ years of age (and why you are probably below this grim cutoff).
  • How to reduce by a factor of THREE the rate of influenza infection in sunshine vitamin-starved school children (while also lowering the rate of asthma attacks by a factor of SIX).
  • What the habits of lifeguards and shirtless Maasai herdsmen reveal about the effectiveness of "getting naked" to boost immune response (and how to achieve the same result without needing to strip down).
  • A common maritime food source available in the deli section of your supermarket which has been used for thousands of years to confer robust immune response (protects against cognitive decline too!).
  • A test you can carry out at home to reveal potential immune system deficiency (IF you can bring yourself to sparing a drop of blood!)
  • Why the ability of individuals to quickly enhance one critical element of their immune response varies by up to a factor of TEN (and how to work around this frustrating limitation).
  • The story of the Nobel Prize winning chemist who figured out why we are vulnerable to the common cold but other animals are not, and the drugstore fix for it he proposed (costs LESS than a dime per day).
  • Why your ability to produce toxin-quenching antioxidants is critical to maintaining a strong immune system - and how you may be completely sabotaging your antioxidant production with poor food choices.
  • An answer to the mystery of why one antioxidant is found in your white blood cells at TEN TIMES the concentration it is found in your blood serum - and why, to maintain peak immunity, you'll want to do everything you can to keep it that way.
  • The strange connection between scurvy - the tissue-wasting disease that decimated 16th century British sailors - and susceptibility to pneumonia, the sometimes fatal endpoint of a respiratory infection.
  • The details of three little-known studies carried out in 1942, 1967, and 1979 which show how a cheap micronutrient reduces the incidence of pneumonia by 80 percent, and why those studies were ignored.
  • A controversial drug cocktail claimed by the maverick doctor who came up with it, to chop 80 percent off the death rate for inflammation-induced multi-organ failure (as seen in acute respiratory disease).
  • The embarrassing story of the Victorian-era midwives who somehow understood hand-washing reduced infection rates in their maternity ward, yet were laughed at for their ideas by doctors of the time.
  • The inspiring story of an obscure American physician who in the 1940s treated and cured many viral diseases, including polio, measles, mumps, chickenpox, and the flu using only a simple micronutrient.
  • The name of a cherry-like fruit which contains 30 TIMES the immune system boosting nutrient power of oranges. Plus another succulent you can get your hands on which contains 100 TIMES the amount!
  • The difference between getting a vitamin shot or taking a pill when it comes to correcting a deficiency or battling an infection? Turns out it's a BIG one which you'll want to know about ahead of time...
  • The identity of an antioxidant your body produces naturally (under the right conditions) without which you would quickly become susceptible to cognitive decline, coronary plaque deposits, aberrantly dividing cells and viral infection.
  • A little-known liver-saving micro-nutrient your doctor will turn to if you overdose on acetaminophen, which also turns out to be (extremely) protective against respiratory infections.
  • How to reduce by more than 50 percent your odds of getting sick with respiratory illnesses during the winter months (including the name of the supplement that confers protection, and the dosage).
  • How to identify the immune system killers in your kitchen which may be increasing your odds of getting sick. HINT: They're mostly white in color and can be dangerous to swallow.
  • The EIGHT WORST OILS to be cooking with when it comes to the preservation of your lung and heart health. Plus the nine healthy sources of fat you can use to replace them.
  • The truth about saturated (animal) fats and whether or not you should be cutting them from your diet to increase your odds of weathering (maybe even surviving) a bout of infectious disease.
  • A popular superfood which lowers dangerous acute immune reponse to infection while almost doubling the number of white blood cells involved in early detection and elimination of an invading microbe.
  • The identity of a foul-tasting vegetable used to create a vinegar in 1721 reputed to confer immunity to the bubonic plague - and the odd circumstances of the unsavory characters who lived to tell the tale.
  • How to HALVE your number of sick days due to cold and flu symtoms by taking a powdered herb that multiplies your immune system's "natural killer" cells by a factor of THREE.
  • Why middle age marks a change from a strong immune system that suppresses the growth of tumors in your body, to a weakened one increasingly not up to the task. Plus what you can do to slow the transition.
  • How to preserve immune function with exercise, and the best type of exercises to achieve this. (Works even if you are of retirement age.)
  • The surprising effect of skeletal muscle on the regulation of immune response, and why you may want to think twice before allowing your muscle mass to waste away through sedentary living.
  • A natural antioxidant produced by your body when you are healthy, but which is rapidly consumed during times of infection making you prone to severe illness - unless you perform this one action ahead of time.
  • A popular form of exercise (mostly practiced by women) which has been shown to lower inflammation in the lungs. Plus how often and for what period of time it should be performed.
  • A calming type of exercise practiced in China for more than four centuries which significantly lowers oxidative stress in your body and reduces both inflammation and your odds of viral infection.
  • PLUS a whole bunch more immune system-focused stories, studies, and recommended practices that space considerations do not easily allow to be summarized here...


When you absorb the ideas presented in this guide to better immunological health and the practices which support it you should find that you instinctively begin approaching your interactions with the world in a different way.

Rather than allow the microbial world unfettered access to the innermost recesses of your body, which can make you vulnerable to potentially life-threatening disease... you'll begin to practice habits which promote behavioral resistance to microbial challenges. This is on top of the improved immune system-based resistance you are also likely to develop.

But if you should begin adopting the habits for better immunological defenses outlined in this title and after 60 days you still cannot sense the changes to the immunological health taking place within you, then you are welcome to take advantage of my failsafe "non-rebootable immune sysyem" money-back guarantee:
If you are not 100% satisfied you are seeing results - if instead you're absolutely convinced your immune system is non-rebootable and incapable of responding to the science-based immune system boosting protocols which are investigated and deemed credible in Immune System Reboot - you can request a full refund, no questions asked!
Why can I offer this level of guaranteed satisfaction or your money back?

Because the ideas and protocols presented in Immune System Reboot are entirely based on the results of dozens of peer-reviewed published scientific studies with quantifiable results.

Once you begin to go through the material I am confident you will recognize the quality and worth of the information you are receiving.

I know that when you become a practitioner of the ideas contained in Immune System Reboot you won't just feel you have made a wise initial investment. You will quickly discover that you are taking on a new appreciation and understanding of your immune system, especially your respiratory immune system, and how best to take care of it.

Here are 4 reasons why I am fully confident that after carefully inspecting the material contained in Immune System Reboot you'll agree that it presents exactly the kind of information needed to help you achieve the lasting immune system health you deserve.

I think you will agree with me on this point because:
  • You'll see evidence that I have spent long months carefully researching the scientific studies that underlie the detailed immune system-strengthening habits I present (see below). This reliance on scientific sourcing ensures the strategies are not only accepted by immune science authorities, but also that they have the widest applicability.
  • You'll come to appreciate that I've been unafraid, when telling the story of your immune system, to pull out for the wide angle view, or zoom in for the close up when I felt it necessary to help you get the appropriate and most illuminating perspective.
  • You'll recognize that I have thought hard about how to provide you with the LEAST amount of actionable advice that nonetheless provides a significant improvement to the current and future health of your immune system.
  • And you'll understand from day one that I am invested in seeing you achieve the kind of high-performing and long-lasting immune system we each deserve. Otherwise I surely would not have gone to the trouble to create this massive library of researched material for you!
Remember, you are FULLY PROTECTED against making an uninformed decision when you purchase Immune System Reboot.

Even if you only skimmed this page and did not take the time to read every little detail of my offer, you are protected against discovering later that you made an ill-informed decision about your purchase.

That's because you are covered by my non-rebootable immune system money-back guarantee. You risk absolutely nothing when you order today and finally give the health of your immune system the priority it deserves.

And don't forget, you won't just be investing in the health of your immune system...

Every facet of your health going forward, including your ability to better withstand the onslaught of chronic diseases and the ravages of age, depends vitally on the preservation and proper functioning of your immune system defenses.

In short, the day your immune system goes down for good is the day shortly after which you down for good!

The preservation of your immune system health is that important.


Click on the green button to order your copy of Immune System Reboot and discover the science behind protocols shown to improve your body's natural defense system against microbes and the small but slowly-accumulating cellular errors of a not entirely infallible human body.

Yours for better immunological health,

Stephen Carter, PhD.

Just $197

IMPORTANT: This book is provided in PDF format and made available for immediate download after payment.


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